Welcome to FaerieTale Pembroke Welsh Corgis!

Having had several Corgis as part of her family since 1979, Susan had the good fortune to purchase one of Barb du Pree’s puppies in 1993 and was promptly introduced to the wonderful world of showing, performance and breeding. What started out as a mentoring relationship rapidly evolved into a wonderful friendship which endured and flourished over the years.

Our breeding philosophy focuses on careful selection for temperament, conformation and performance abilities, along with genetic testing for overall health;  we are winding down our breeding programme at this time.

We participate in various performance disciplines, but primarily herding which enables the dogs to utilize and showcase their natural instincts in a suitable environment.  We have also played at agility and tracking and scent detection with individuals who demonstrated a preference for those disciplines.  While we show at some all-breed shows in Canada, we most enjoy showing at Corgi Specialties both in Canada and the U.S.